The EWS Fundamentals

We consider ourselves to be very lucky, we work in an industry that we love. Everyone at EWS is here because of a shared passion for mountain biking - and we get to surround ourselves with it every day. We are never having more fun than when we're shredding trails - and helping other people do the same stokes us in the same way. Our mission is to make sure that when you're on the trails, you are having as much fun as you possibly can - and to ensure that happens, we have what we call the EWS fundamentals…

We ride in what we stock. Whatever level you're at, your equipment is vital - it may be your first bike, it may be one in a long series - either way we have you covered. We are very proud of the gear we have in the store - everything we have, has been chosen based on the quality of the product, and how it performs. If we like it, we stock it - if we don't think it's good enough, we won't have it in the store - simple as that.

1% for the Planet. We are proud to be a member of 1% for the planet. 1% of every pound spent in the EWS store goes to charity, including trail groups, advocacy and groups dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our store. We choose products with environmental credentials. We only have this one planet.

Good service comes as standard. At EWS we pride ourselves on the service we offer. All of our staff are passionate bikers who have an in-depth knowledge of our gear and will be happy to advise you on anything you need to know about your purchase. Since the very beginning, we have treated our customers and partners as friends - many of them have indeed become close friends over the years - and this is an attitude we consider to be very important as we grow. We want you to have the very best experience, so if there's anything you ever want to talk to us about, please get in touch.

Every detail is important. It might be the smallest of things but sometimes it's those that can be the most important. It might be a design element of our products, or just the way you move through the website - we put care and attention into everything we do, and still always find ways we can improve. If there's something that you think we can do better, then let us know - our shop is your shop.

This isn't just an industry to us, it's a community. We have a team of local riders that we support as well as international representatives. We grew with the support of the community and will always look to cherish the roots of the sport that gave us the passion to do what we do.